V4High Pressure Water Jetting

Water jetting is an environmentally safe method used to handle cleaning, cutting and surface preparation problems in a variety of industrial applications. This versatile technology has been proven effective in cleaning and clearing any kind of surfaces without any defects or damages occurring to the surface contacted  by high pressure water.

Water jetting is an environmentally friendly in that it does not produce hazardous waste products often found in the manufacturing process. In addition, water jetting uses small amounts of water with immense speed and velocity .Water jetting also reduces the release of fumes and contaminants, thereby creating a safer environment for equipment operators.

These ingenious cleaners combine the benefit of rotating the nozzle for more thorough cleaning with the versatility of flex lancing. By adding a fully retractable hose which in turn, further contributes to maintaining a cost-effective operation.High pressure water jetting is some of the most reliable systems available and can help meet industrial needs.High pressure water jetter cleaning have many advantages over concealed drains ,manholes, severe buildups and sewer pipe lines.The high pressure water cleaning completely strips away hardened residue and buildups off the sides of the pipes whilst cutting and flushing out roots and foreign objects that blocks the pipes lines.



•    Saves time and labour
•    Creates a stronger bond for restriping
•    Eliminates dust and debris with optional vacuum recovery
•    Cleans deep into any grooves difficult to be man handled manually.
•    Enviromentally safe method of cleaning.
•    Flexible nozzle pipe is an advantage over concealed manhole, drains and sewer pipe lines.




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