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Why is Desludging Important

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Why is Desludging Important

Malaysia has been recognized to have adopted a good sanitation system through the legislative  reforms and implementation of firm set guidelines of sewage treatment policies and appropriately coordinated water sewerage and septage management services.


High rates of urbanization throughout Asia have put water and sanitation production volume to consequently increase thus creating an increase in sludge volume produced from domestic and industries waste water treatment facilities.


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What is Sludge?

Sludge is the solid matter produced by all sewage treatment systems which consists of inert solids and biological matters.
Some of the biological matter is in the waste water but most of it is produced as a consequences of natural growth of micro-organisms which happens to be an essential part of  operation to clean and purify sewage waste water.


Why sludge need to be removed

The accumulation of sludge is a constant process at the sewage treatment tank which only have finite volume of sludge consumption . The remaining pollution that does not settle to the base of sewage tanks is broken down by natural biological process that produces more solids which settle out to become the excessive sludge .

A thick crust on the surface , a poor quality liquid effluent discharge containing solids , persistent foul odour which is significantly worse than normal are the signs which indicates as recommended time for desludging.Without scheduled desludging, untreated sewage and sludge solids will be released into rivers. This will cause depletion of dissolved oxygen in these rivers, resulting in the death of aquatic life. The large quantities of sludge that settle to the bottom of rivers will also kill off any aquatic plants that contribute oxygen to the rivers. This will cause our rivers to eventually 'die'.

In addition, untreated sewage also poses a threat to public health since it may contain pathogenic bacteria and viruses that cause deadly diseases such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A. All septic tanks need to be desludged on a regular basis, that is once in two years.

We at Nava service sdn bhd have been in the desludging business a decade since 1996 starting with one 2500 liters vacuum desludging tanker to more than 10 units of 5000 liters to 6500liters of vacuum desludging tankers at present.

All of our employees have years of experience in desludging field work with complete safety certificates (NIOSH, C.I.D.B and Confine space certificates) and mandatory training in order to ensure service provided of required standard.

All the sludges will be disposed according to Malaysia accordance of SPAN rules and regulations for disposal of waste water and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

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